We are taking every precaution to look after all our clients and staff at this difficult time.

  • Please, if you or any of your household have a fever, persistent cough, loss of sense of smell or taste do not attend your appointment.  Contact us as soon as possible and we will rearrange it for you (07857 296657).

  • On arrival you will have your temperature checked and asked some COVID screening questions.

  • Staff will be wearing face masks and other PPE for your safety.  Please wear a mask to the appointment and we will advise you on removal of it for the treatments.

  • Please attend your appointment alone 

  • If we are with another client on your arrival please have a seat outside in the garden or our waiting area and we will collect you as soon as we are ready

  • If you have any concerns with regards to COVID and infection control measures please feel free to raise this to us at your appointment and we can offer advice


We are planning to be back on April 13th, before you book please see below important information regarding treatments and vaccinations: 

  • Dermal fillers: 

Do you have a vaccine scheduled in the next four weeks or have you had the vaccine in the last 4 weeks?
It is known that dermal fillers may (rarely) react with swelling and tenderness when the immune response is stimulated. It would be sensible, until there is more data, not to administer dermal fillers so near in time to a vaccine. It is best post procedural swelling is not confused or complicated by possible reactions to the vaccine. 

  • Anti wrinkle treatments: 

There is no evidence for any special precautions or advice regarding anti wrinkle treatment, except that which already applies. Some known side-effects of anti wrinkle treatments are very similar to those of a vaccine (e.g. headache, flu like symptoms, nausea), therefore avoid scheduling treatment within two weeks (before or after) of a vaccine. This time frame allows. for any possible post treatment side effects to settle either from toxin treatment or the possible side-effects of a vaccine.

Therefore as a precaution and to keep you, our valued clients as safe as possible we are recommending the following: 

Please allow 4 weeks between treatment and vaccination for any dermal filler treatments. 

Please allow 3 weeks between any anti wrinkle treatments. 

Any questions- please do contact us at contact@secretsurgeon.org